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A special message from Roy and Fred

To:              All choir members
From:          Roy Menagh and Fred Larsen
Date:           March 21, 2020
RE:              COVID19 responses

Hi, everyone.  

We are likely facing a significant period of isolation, and isolation has the potential to cause emotional, practical and financial issues for many.

We can reach out to each other and make sure that all of us have what we need to get by now and in times to come.  We will ask the Section Leaders to send this memo out to choir members—and to do so revealing the email addresses of section members.  Doing so will allow choir members to contact others who they may feel close to and/or may want to ask for assistance and support.

Here are some suggestions:

1.  If you are feeling worried about going out, but you need something (food, medicine, books—anything that you need to get through your isolation) --

          - contact a friend or seatmate from the choir.  Let him/her know what you need and ask that it be picked up and dropped off on your porch (or in the foyer if you’re in an apartment).  Arrange a time so you can  be there to pick it up—while keeping at least 6 feet apart from each  other.

2.  If you are feeling concerned about a friend in the choir—

          - checking in by phone or email to say hi and make sure people are mentally handling the worry and increased stress would be welcome

. 3.  If a basic necessity is needed and someone has extra

          - maybe we could share some as well. Make sure everyone in our little group at least is looked after by our members.

4.  If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by events—

          - try putting on your favourite piece of music by your favourite singer

          - practice our choir pieces by listening to YouTube selections and  singing along

          - check out comedy clips on (old Johnny Carson clips? Carol Burnett clips? (Tim Conway’s dentist bit?  His elephant bit?)  Your favourite comic?

          . . . and don’t forget to share your favourites with friends.

5.  Remember, picking up the phone to call or emailing each other can be really important—sometimes, a call is better simply because people need to hear another’s voice—especially to those who may be living alone or who are just feeling very vulnerable because of this pandemic.  Facebooking connections can also be hugely valuable, if you’re on it.

6.  No facebook? How about sitting down to write a card or even better yet, an old-fashioned letter?  Not only will this take up some of your time—of which we have more than usual—but it will take some time to read for the recipient.  (This idea for all with NO symptoms.)

And a final note to all--

If you are contacted by someone (as suggested above) and you are not comfortable with being the one to carry out what is requested, let Roy ( ) or Fred ( ) know via email.  Between us—and others—we will endeavor to ensure the request is met with a response.

Take care, everyone—and stay well.  We’ll get through this—and sing together again!

Fred Larsen (Choir President) and Roy Menagh (Artistic Director)

Coping with Self-Isolation Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield:   An astronaut's Guide to Self Isolation

  1. Understand the Risk! Educate yourself in the Risk.
  2. Decide what your objectives will be. Make a list!
  3. Consider your constraints: resources, etc.
  4. Take Action!


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